The Over-The-Horizon Brain Trust

At Economaney, we’re connecting the dots to our economic future through the minds of some of the very best thinkers, doers, and journalists of our time. The members of our Over-the-Horizon Brain Trust are experts in the disciplines and fields generating the tectonic waves that are scouring out our economy.

They’re not economists (thank god), but their work reveals remarkably important things about our economic future. Which of course is why we gathered them here.

Rather than flood you with columns of numbers and charts making some valid-but-likely-misleading statistical point, we’re working with this fantastic cast of characters to develop an overarching narrative about where our economy’s headed. Our Brain Trusters reveal the ideas, facts, and fellow travelers that help us tell that story in the most vivid and engaging way possible.

We’ll go out on a limb and say they’re people whose work and thoughts you should get to know better. We think they’re  insightful, funny, aggressive, and influential. Click on, and we’d love to hear your feedback on the people and ideas inside.

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