Our mission here at Economaney is very specific:  We paint the most vivid possible picture of our economic future ten years out.


We all need to plan and prepare for the future, even during times of greatest uncertainty. Especially during such times, in fact. That planning might be harder to do when visibility to the future seems so cloudy, but that only amplifies how important it is to try.

The “painful, powerful Internet-driven economic revolution” our home page mentions is like a giant societal mixmaster: All the individual ingredients that are going in will be unrecognizable coming out. But even if we can’t know exactly what the future will look like, we still can make some detailed, educated descriptions and predictions about it.

We can sense what gigantic forces are going into the mix. We can see major trends that are occurring and think about their direction, speed, and impacts. We can observe and bake in human nature and frailties. We can know what history tells us about inflection points like the one we’re now facing. And we can access some of the best minds of our time to help us think through how these many critical elements are likely to interact to shape the world we’ll be living and working in.

The Brain Trust

The Brain Trust is the wellspring of Economaney’s ideas and insights. Comprised of twelve remarkable subject matter experts – practitioners, entrepreneurs, journalists, and academics – the “Brain Trust” brings a consistent and intellectually compelling set of viewpoints to bear on our economic future.

Why ten years out?

We’ve elected to use a ten year-out construct for our canvas. It’s a highly useful time frame for all of us with significant responsibility for the stewardship of something, whether that responsibility comes from our role as entrepreneur, parent, board member, personal investor, policy maker, artist, journalist, or any other function.

It’s far enough into the future to allow us to take a bigger, more expansive view of what our world is experiencing and where it may lead us. But it’s still close enough that it doesn’t require science fiction or raw conjecture to paint the picture we’re working toward.

Visualizing our future economy

Trying to understand the economic future is a hard thing. Trying to understand it in the middle of a howling gale of change is even harder. Evidence suggests that certain laws of economic gravity that have governed our world for the past few centuries are now breaking down. That makes looking ahead akin to pathfinding in a hurricane.

But that’s the challenge – and the fun, and the benefit – of it.
Trying to see the economic future involves a broad embrace of complexity.  It’s an endeavor that is too often addressed simplistically, or extrapolatively, or only by individuals with a strong political or commercial bias.

Engage with us

We have a lot of work to do. We look forward to sharing it with you.
Please feel free to share your ideas and inputs with us at any time and any subject relating to Economaney and our economic future.