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Irshad Manji meets up with the Dalai Lama for peace

Economaney Brain Trust member and moral courage advocate Irshad Manji met up with the Dalai Lama and several other similarly distinguished panelists at a recent Syracuse University-hosted “Common Ground for Peace” conference. She talked about seeing the first signs of … More

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Irshad Manji on her defining moment

Irshad Manji recently did a segment called “My Defining Moment” on the popular Canadian Broadcasting Company talk show hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos. She talked about the recent incident in the Netherlands in which a number of fundamentalist Muslims threatened to … More

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Who’s Afraid of Irshad Manji Now? The Malaysians

The latest Muslim nation to be terrified of a 115 pound woman: Malaysia. After all the fun she had in Indonesia talking¬†¬† about her book Allah, Liberty & Love , Irshad has ventured on to Malaysia, where Minister in the … More

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Who’s Afraid of Irshad Manji?

Economaney Brain Truster Irshad Manji is about 5′ 4″. Gotta weigh a solid 105 pounds. For some reason, she seems to scare grown men of a fundamentalist Islamic bent right out of their minds. The fundamentalists of Indonesia didn’t want … More

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