About John Avlon

The future of politics is changing as rapidly and radically as the economic future is, and no one saw it coming sooner than John Avlon did. He’s helping Economaney connect the dots of our political system’s future as voters become increasingly informationalized and independent.

John is a Newsweek and Daily Beast political columnist, a CNN political commentator, an author of two books (most recently Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America), and is also the editor of the forthcoming Deadline Artists: The Greatest Newspaper Columns by America’s Greatest Newspaper Columnists. He was Deputy Policy Director for the Giuliani for President campaign and was also Mayor Giuliani’s senior speechwriter for the last years of his administration, including during 9/11 and its aftermath.

John lives in New York with his wife, author and political commentator Margaret Hoover. He used to dream of rock and roll stardom (he’s a talented musician and songwriter), and he is also a voracious New York City history buff.

John Avlon

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John Avlon Articles on EconoManey

John Avlon: Bring Back the Spirit of Teddy Roosevelt

John Avlon, political columnist and host at CNN and the Daily Beast, recalls the greatness and intellectual vigor of Theodore Roosevelt’s 1912 Bull Moose Party presidential run on its 100th anniversary. Where is our TR and where is our Bull … More

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Brain Truster John Avlon to host new Daily Beast Daily Newscast

Economaney Brain Truster John Avlon, Newsweek, Daily Beast & CNN contributor, will be the host of the Newsweek/Daily Beast’s new live news broadcast. Called “Newsbeast,” the new program is an expansion of the company’s successful video strategy, which has driven … More

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John Avlon Talks With the Founder of a True Third Way

John Avlon interviews Peter Ackerman, founder of the inspired Americans Elect, which is pounding through the difficult legal underbrush of the American electoral system to break the two-party duopoly in our political system. John writes for the Daily Beast.

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John Avlon Gives Brits the Full Romney

Brain Truster John Avlon gives readers of The Telegraph a full and nuanced picture of Mitt Romney. Makes great reading for Americans just tuning in now that the GOP presidential nominating circus appears to be ending.

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The Debates and Why They Matter

While the Republican hopefuls have been scheduling fewer and fewer debates, John Avlon defends the debates’ importance to the presidential race.  “On a debate stage, standing side by side with their competitors, candidates have not been able to entirely hide … More

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