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Kevin Maney helps Economaniacs understand the intersection of money and technology, and brings both foresight and insight to how innovation happens and why what catches on catches on.

He is is one of the country’s foremost technology author/biographer/journalists, with five books to his credit including both a biography of Thomas J. Watson and an exploration of what turns certain technologies and businesses into big hits. His newest book, The Two-Second Advantage: How We Succeed by Anticipating the Future – Just Enough, is just out from Random House. He is a regular contributor to Fortune, a frequent host and moderator at technology conferences worldwide, and Dave Maney’s older, better-looking brother.

Kevin is a damn good songwriter and guitarist, although former music critic Dave Maney has suggested that his singing voice is reminiscent of Bob Dylan in too-tight jockey shorts.

Kevin Maney

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My brother Kevin Maney talked with me recently about how technology is deconstructing the way humans work and earn a living. Oddly, he also just released a book about how technologists are starting to create computers that work more like humans’ brains do.

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