About Michael Auslin

Any meaningful picture of the economic future must account for the ascendant challenges of China and India, and well as the cautionary lessons of Japan. Helping Economaney contemplate what that all means for our lives here is Michael Auslin’s job.

Michael is the director of Japan Studies at the American Enterprise Institute and a regular columnist for the The Wall Street Journal. He is the author of three books on Japan-U.S. history and relations, and appears regularly on national television news networks to discuss Chinese and Japanese current events. The World Economic Forum recently named him one of its Young Global Leaders. He regularly briefs U.S. Congressional and military leaders on threats and opportunities in Asia.

Michael lives in Washington DC and hits the ground running in Asia several times a year.

Michael Auslin

Asia Rising

Michael Auslin Articles on EconoManey

Whatever happened to foreign policy for Asia?

Michael Auslin asks how Asia — powerful, ascendant, troublesome Asia — got lost in the shuffle of the presidential campaign. Just calling China a “cheater” hardly seems like an adequate expression from those vying for the most powerful job on … More

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Michael Auslin: China is the U.S.’s Stalker

Michael Auslin writes for The Diplomat that China has become America’s creepy stalker guy: Almost everything it does on the international stage is filtered through a prism of how it will affect them vis-a-vis the U.S. Is there a secret … More

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Michael Auslin: China’s Success Growing Rickety

Michael Auslin writes in the Wall Street Journal that China’s two decades of unbroken economic success seem to be drawing to a close. Problems on the political, demographic, and international monetary fronts are all pounding on China’s door, making its … More

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Meeting China’s Eventual New Leader

Xi Jinping, the Vice President of China being groomed as its future leader, made a visit to the United States on February 14 to meet with Obama and other American leaders.  Michael Auslin writes about the relationship between the two … More

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Michael Auslin on the Lessons of the Conquest of Singapore

The Brain Trust’s Michael Auslin with a pungent piece in the Asia-focused The-Diplomat.com on how Singapore’s fall to the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II offers lessons to America now as it ponders the future with an ominously aggressive … More

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The growing effects of American culture on Chinese politics

In The Corner, Michael Auslin explores the effects of American culture, notably Lady Gaga, on the Chinese populace.  He speaks of the growing Chinese middle class, and how their demands for a culture offering more than “socialist realism” will effect … More

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