The forthcoming eBook from Dave Maney

Dave Maney tends to shake up the room as an economic speaker. “I’d say I aspire to be the James Brown of economic speakers,” Maney says, “which is to say the hardest working man in economic show business.”

It’s often useful to get an economic overview at the front end of a major industry conference or annual company event. The problem with that, though, is that it’s often a snoozer. “The economy will grow at about 2% next year with inflation staying under control….blah blah blahhhhhh.”

A more dynamic choice is to help attendees connect the dots — and to do so in a way that weaves in fast-on-the-feet storytelling, a strong sense of history, some laughter, and real-life examples and anecdotes that make the breadth and speed of change a visceral experience for your audience.  Click here for a short, compelling video about Maney as an economic speaker. If you’re trying to decide between an academic or bank-affiliated economist versus something that’s actually compelling and thought-provoking — we say you vote for compelling. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

As you’ve probably gathered elsewhere on the Economaney, Maney is an entrepreneurial raconteur who engages an audience quickly and tends to hold their attention in a tight grip all the way through. His track record and experiences in the media, in the start-up world, and as the parent of five daughters and a son give him an ability to connect at a gut level with business audiences, civic-minded audiences, parents, and even young people on topics that all too often seem dry and disconnected.

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