About Economic Revolution

The Denver Post launched Dave Maney’s column, “Economic Revolution,” appropriately over the July 4th weekend. You can access the columns here.

“Economic Revolution” concerns itself with the key forces and ideas that are dramatically re-shaping the American and global economies, with a special eye on how the huge torrents of information created and transmitted by the Internet and related technologies are restructuring and streamlining the way we do everything.

Maney said the column will try to keep a “Why should I care?” focus to link practical action to the big picture of economic change. “The only precedents I can find in human history for changes of the scale and impact of what I believe we’re starting to experience now are the Industrial Revolution and the development of agriculture during the Neolithic Era,” said Maney. “I am working with the Post on the column because I think people feel more than a little adrift and unsure of the future.”

He said that while everyone is affected by the economy, some people need to wrap their minds around where we’re headed more than others. “It feels to me like anyone who’s thinking about their career choices, anyone worrying about what to tell your kids about their education and their future, anyone making investment decisions, any entrepreneur running a business…all of them need to be thinking about this big picture. Being passive isn’t going to work out in our society quite as well as it used to.”

The column runs every month in the business section of the Sunday edition of the newspaper.

Denver Post Economic Revolution Columns

Previous Denver Post “Economic Revolution” columns from Dave Maney:

Healthcare.gov website glitches symptom of larger problem

November 3, 2013

The entire approach that the ACA takes toward solving the very real problems of the American health care system is in direct opposition to the most powerful economic, technological and social forces at work in the world today.

Digital age setting table for future of restaurants

October 6, 2013

If the digital world is changing our notions of place, time, and work, what are the implications for what restaurants will become? A talk with Chris Myers, founder and CEO of the Lodo’s  Bar and Grill chain.

Reform school: thoughts from our Arizona neighbors

September 1, 2013

Fixing government is really hard, although combining an entrepreneur’s innovative spirit with a bit of humility and a willingness to learn about the different skills the public sector demands is proving to be a good recipe for Doug Ducey, former Cold Stone Creamery CEO and current Arizona State Treasurer.

Maney: Tech pioneer talks about engaging kids in economic future

August 4, 2013

Donna Auguste, probably the most successful female African-American technology entrepreneur ever, knows a few things about what we should do to help prepare disadvantaged kids (and really, all kids) for the radical changes being brought by the Economic Revolution.

Maney: Internet Beating Down Protectionist Laws

July 7, 2013

Consumers often get the short end of the stick when a well-financed industry lobby meets an unmonitored state legislature. Colorado has lots of laws that hurt consumers to benefit favored industries — but the Internet is making such laws more and more untenable.

Help Your Teens Have a Revolutionary Summer

June 2, 2013

Summer vacation is upon us, and parents of teens and tweens know that summer break can often be a lazy, too-much-World-of-Warcraft time-wasting festival. But I suggest you take the next 10 weeks to help your kids build a solid foothold for climbing the wall of future success in our radically changing economy.

Colorado readies its revolution-resistant brand

May 5, 2013

We Coloradans are lucky. Our state’s “brand” — what “Colorado” means to the rest of the world for purposes of tourism and business development — is remarkably well-positioned for the rigors of the economic revolution we’re all living through.

Commercial Real Estate’s Fearsome Future

April 7, 2013

I wouldn’t want to own most kinds of commercial real estate at today’s valuations. Given the causes and direction of the radical restructuring that continues to grind through our economy, there’s almost nowhere for demand for office and retail space to go but down. Why? Because we don’t have the same need to be near to each other to get things accomplished anymore.

Colorado should emulate Canadian entrepreneurship effort

March 3, 2013

The more I’ve learned since then about the Ontario Self-Employment Benefit program and the bigger-picture thinking behind it, the more I wish someone on Gov. John Hickenlooper’s team would take a look at something like it for Colorado. The OSEB aims at weaning unemployed residents away from the idea that they can make a living only by working for someone else and instead gives them a stipend and training to help prepare them to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs and small-business people.

Economic Revolution: Make Colorado the entrepreneurs’ state

February 3, 2013

With news arriving last week that the American economy shrank during the fourth quarter of 2012, rethinking economic growth should be job one for every elected official in the nation. Because I see an information-fueled economic revolution coming full force at us, spurring that growth will require a complete break with our outdated approach to doing it. Here are six ideas to put Colorado at the top of the growth scorecard for the next decade.

Entrenched interests threaten nation’s economic future

January 6, 2013

My faith in our ability to make the leap through the burning ring of fire that is the Economic Revolution into an exciting and bright information-powered future is starting to be sorely tested. What I’m seeing, sadly, is that the future has no advocate. The institutions and people that sit atop our system have no upside and plenty of downside from societal change.

The world didn’t end, but that doesn’t mean we should celebrate yet

December 23, 2012

Most of us read the Mayan apocalypse stories with tongues planted firmly in cheek, but there has been serious scholarly work on how once-successful societies — Romans, Mayans, Egyptians, and many others — have collapsed. An honest assessment is that our society is showing some scary symptoms of the problems that took down our ancestors.

Job creation policies don’t create jobs in the Economic Revolution

December 2, 2012

Politicians can tout all the programs for creating “good payin’ manufacturin’ jobs” or any other kind of jobs for that matter, but when the Economic Revolution dynamic is disintegrating the very idea of what a job is, such policies aren’t going to do any good. Time to turn our attention to how people make a living and how individuals can become effective income generators on their own. The Industrial Revolution mindset needs to be left behind as the relic of an earlier era it’s now become.

Leadership checklist for the Economic Revolution

November 4, 2012

We sit on the verge of an enormously important national election, with nearly 500 key federal offices hanging in the balance. It’s a great time to ask this question: What qualities and talents does it take to lead in the turbulent times of economic revolution?

10 Steps to Getting Your First Real Job in Economically Revolutionary Times — Parts 1 & 2

How are young workers supposed to land that elusive first job in an economy where entry-level positions at solid, prestigious companies are harder and harder to find? This two-part series looks at the conditions created by the information-driven economic revolution and suggests ten approaches that can help first-time job seekers or career changers get some real traction.

Part 1: September 30, 2012 –  Seekers of their first big job need to strategize

Part 2: October 7, 2012 –  Finding your first real job

New, third economic vision needed to harness best ideas of GOP, Dems

September 2, 2012

What if we held a defining election but both definitions offered were fundamentally wrong?  That seems to be where we’re headed economically in the upcoming presidential elections…Republicans are good at clearing the decks of impediments to economic change – you can’t stop the tides of history. Democrats are good at identifying those needing help – you can’t have radical change without revolution if you don’t comfort the afflicted.

Can brands survive in modern flows of information?  

August 5, 2012

“The idea of what a brand is — and can be — may be in for some radical change in coming years, courtesy of the information-fueled economic revolution we’re all living through….Why? Well, it turns out that the very ideas of what a “company” is, what a “job” is and what a “brand” is are all fundamentally information constructs and are therefore vulnerable to enormous changes when faced with the nearly limitless information flows that the Internet and mobile technologies bring us.”

Ways to defend yourself in the coming economic revolution

July 1, 2012

“Pretty much everyone’s at least a little bit scared economically right now. It’s like walking through a bad neighborhood at night — everything you see or hear starts to look and sound like an ominous threat to your personal safety. What we need at moments like this are some economic self-defense techniques. Consider, for instance, jiu-jitsu, the martial art centered on taking your opponent’s force and turning it in your favor.”

What happens when the Revolution comes for you?

May 27, 2012

“What happens when the collateral damage from the Economic Revolution isn’t collateral to you? With so many of us seeing our livelihoods and our investments threatened by the dramatic information- and Internet-driven restructuring of the economy, what can be done to stop it?”

The Coming Hollywood Economy — Parts 1 & 2

Part 1: April 29, 2012 – The Hollywood Economy and our Economic Future

“How the movie industry functions circa 2012 offers profound insights into what our world is going to look like over the next decade as the information and Internet-fueled Economic Revolution washes over us. In fact, I call where we’re headed ‘the Hollywood Economy.’ ”  

Part 2: May 6, 2012 – What You Might Want to Do About It!

“Just like in Hollywood, your value is increasingly determined by your track record, your performance, and your ability to deliver in your latest project. The Web brings information, and information brings transparency. You can’t hide a lack of talent or performance.”

Maney: Badges? We DO need stinkin’ badges

April 1, 2012

“The U.S. higher education system is looking suddenly and seriously ill in this economic revolution we’re living through…And now disruptive innovators are taking dead aim at the heart of the system. Using badges. Parents (a.k.a. college- funding sources): Take note.”

Maney: Economic scoreboard is broken

February 26, 2012

“We’re looking for assurance and crisp signals from the economic activity data that the government generates and the media reports on, but all we’re getting are distorted, blurry images that leave us discomfited and uncertain about our economic future.”

Maney: The real barriers to creating the new economy

January 29, 2012

“If I were governor of Colorado in this time of economic revolution and trying to get more people working, I’d start by thinking like a scared, unemployed person who’s not sure what to do next.”

Maney: Prepare your 12 year-old for the Economic Revolution (Part 2)

January 1, 2012

“Nobody said this was going to be easy. But being attuned to the changes will help you help your kids — of any age — thrive in the trying economic climate ahead.”

Maney: Prepare your 12 year-old for the Economic Revolution (Part 1)

December 25, 2011

“The prescription for the last few generations has been: Work hard in school, get into a good college, pick a career field with lots of demand, and success will follow. I’m pretty sure that’s what my parents told me, and it served me well. But I’m afraid it’s largely misguided advice now.”

Maney: Economic Revolution and the U.S. middle class

November 13, 2011

“Whether or not the great American middle class is under financial assault isn’t really up for debate anymore. The root cause and what to do about it is where the action is, and as with most things in Washington, both sides are clinging to mistaken, outdated ideology.”

Maney: Economic Revolution: Reboot now . . . or crash

October 9, 2011

“…But if “software is eating the world,” as Silicon Valley giant Marc Andreesen recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal, you can’t afford not to understand the beast or the forces that it’s unleashed. You can’t guide your company, your department, your investments, or your kids’ future if you’re self-righteously standing outside the circle of knowledge of the main driver of that future….”

Maney: As traditional jobs fade, be ready to market yourself

September 11, 2011

“…Companies are getting what they need done with fewer jobs. Period. That won’t be changing.  But if that’s the case, how will we earn a living?  There’s only one way out. We have to compete. We have no choice but to make ourselves into the labor service providers that are in demand in the new marketplace. We won’t be employees. We’ll be small, focused company founders. Free agents. Mini-preneurs…”

Maney: Four forces that create economic turbulence

August 7, 2011

“We can’t go back to some tidy 1950s industrial America. But we can understand the forces we face and work to figure out where they’re taking us.”

Maney: Economy has changed, so don’t expect traditional fixes to apply now

July 3, 2011

“…we have entered a volatile new era that during the next decade will bring the most radical and rapid transformation of the economic landscape that civilization has ever experienced.”