Forces At Work

At Economaney we’ve developed a kind of intellectual framework for analyzing the forces at work on the future economy, which appears below.

Our view is that our economy is moving through a great scouring out and streamlining courtesy of torrents of information flowing from the Internet, along with increasingly sophisticated and ever-cheaper ways of transmitting, acquiring, storing, and processing that data.

Information is a peculiarly critical element in how an economy works — indeed it is THE critical element – and the wiring together of all the world’s information is now resulting in economic and social change on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution kicked off in Great Britain in about 1750.

When trying to parse and digest a subject as huge and rollicking as what our economic future looks like ten years out, it would be easy to become overwhelmed and outmatched. So we’ve worked in reductionist fashion to boil things down to a hierarchy of major technological meta-trends which in turn encompass many additional powerful sub-forces.

Over time, we’ll be working our way through a broad look at what these forces are, how they’re actively causing this Great Scouring Out, and what can be gathered about our economic future ten years out.